Edifying Christian Biographies That Will Bless Every True Christian!


When it comes to reading, I definitely read the Bible more than anything else.  I do read other books, though!  However, my favorite type of book is not a book on apologetics, systematic theology, comparative religions or Church history.  My favorite kind of book to read besides the Bible is a good Christian biography.

I don’t know exactly how many I have read at this point, but it has to be somewhere around 75-100 over the last 18 years or so.  They are so edifying to me.  When I read about other Saints of God and what God did in them and through them, it stirs up hope, faith and zeal in me.  It makes me believe God for more than I currently am and pushes me further in the faith.

Often times I will get deeply challenged by the faith of some of these past Saints.  The things that they trusted God for and the different miraculous things that God did on their behalf, amazes me.  I thank God for these precious Saints and look forward to hearing more of their stories in the Kingdom of God.

Many people ask me about books I would recommend for them to read.  Below is a list of biographies that I would recommend every and any Christian read.  They are in no particular order.  These are my favorite biographies.  I do believe that God will bless you through them.  In my mind, short of being “inspired by God” as Scripture, these books are like an extension on the Book of Acts.

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