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I consider myself to be a  “Missionary To America.” America is NO LONGER a “Christian Nation,” if it ever was.  I am out on the streets very often, preaching the Gospel in the darkest of places in the hope of reaching the lost.  I KNOW that God’s Word will NEVER return void!  I go to college campuses, public parks, music concerts, bar/club districts, beaches, sporting events, parades, festivals, flea markets and any other public place where there are breathing people who need to hear the Gospel that saves.

God has also led me to go to other countries, as well.  I’ve been to Canada, the Philippines,  Ireland, Australia and Israel.  As God leads, I will go into other nations, as well.  In the upcoming months and years, I believe that the Lord may be leading me to go into other countries as well. I also believe that the Lord will lead me to continue go back to some of the countries I have already been to.  Pray with me and for me, that God’s will be done.

God is using me to help encourage, equip and train fellow Christians, how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is Biblical.  I have been equipping people all over the world through the internet, one on one, in small groups, at local Churches, on the streets, on college campuses, Biblical Evangelism “Boot Camps” and through Evangelism Seminars. My deep desire, no matter where I am preaching, is to see the lost saved through the Church of Jesus Christ rising up and preaching the Gospel!  I thank God for your interest in supporting me and my family.  The first thing I would ask you to do is to pray for me.  Here are some things that you can pray for:

-That I would preach with boldness, power, conviction and compassion, as I ought to.

-For physical strength and health – especially for a strong and enduring voice, so that as many as possible can hear the Gospel.

-That I would speak with wisdom, in making the message clear and that I would make the wisdom of this world look foolish.

-That the hearers would be interested in the Gospel message and that large crowds would gather around to hear the preaching of the truth.

-Good weather and safe travel – no rain or wind, that the sun and the Son would shine on us.

-Plowing the soil of the sinners’ hearts, sowing the seed of the Gospel into prepared hearts and reaping the harvest.

-That the Saints of God would be encouraged, instructed, emboldened and motivated, in taking part in the Great Commission.

-Unity and support from other Christians on the streets and on college campuses.

-That every financial need will be met.

-That the strongholds of the devil will be torn down.

-Favor with the police, security and any other type of authorities that we run into.

-That I would live a life of holiness, be a student of God’s Word and be a man of prayer.

-That my priorities would be straight, in being a husband and a father.

I really appreciate your interest in wanting to support me financially.  It is because of Christians like you that I can continue doing what I am doing! If God is leading you to support this ministry, you can make a donation online through PayPal or you can send a donation through the mail.  You can make a one-time donation of any amount by clicking on the donate button with the credit card symbols below.  You can make a donation through the mail, by making your check/money order out to “PinPoint Evangelism” and sending it to the mailing address, below.

Donate to Kerrigan through PayPal

Cash App – $PreacherKerrigan

Venmo – @Kerrigan-Skelly

Mailing Address:

PinPoint Evangelism
P.O. Box 1302
Franklin, GA 30217

5 thoughts on “Support Kerrigan

  1. Praying for you guys! Thank you so much for standing boldly for our beliefs. You’ve helped my wife and I a lot and we really appreciate everything that you do. I haven’t been Christian but 4 years and luckily didn’t have any traditions of men holding me back from the truth. I first saw your videos a couple of years ago and you’ve been a regular at our house since. In that time praise God my wife’s whole family has left the institutional church choosing to follow the word of God rather than vain traditions. We now have a small house church where we follow a 1 Corinthians 14:26 format. Your videos have been a huge help in building us up and giving us strength to earnestly contend for the faith. I imagine with all of the backlash you receive it can be very sad/angering. I got consumed by that for awhile when I was waking up from my sleep and realizing just how wicked the world really is. You guys helped me with that as well and just knowing God’s got His people out there too was a comfort. I pray to memorize my scripture better and work on my presuppositional apologetics. Then I hope to pour some sweat out there with you in the laboring fields one day, work on that harvest. Always remember Luke 6:22 and that wisdom is justified in all her children. God bless!


  2. Will do! We live in Springfield, Missouri. A decent sized city with a lot of churches and colleges. Assemblies of God headquarters is here. Let me know if you’re ever in town!


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