Anyone who knows anything about my ministry (teaching the Word, preaching the Gospel, writing gospel tracts, making YouTube videos, etc), can at least tell one thing about me: I’M AGAINST SIN.  I don’t think anyone should be sinning EVER.  I preach an uncompromised message of turning from all sin and living a completely HOLY LIFE before God, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Christians never have to sin and IF they sin, they must repent or they are in danger of dying and going to Hell.  Even unbelievers have no excuse for their sins.  If they did, then they wouldn’t truly be guilty, they would not deserve punishment and God couldn’t justly send them to Hell forever.

With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about this subject for a long time: REASONS NOT TO SIN…EVER.  Even though I preach a message of absolute holiness, that doesn’t mean that holiness is automatic or easy.  I need many of the points on this list just as much as the next person.  I pray that this list helps to motivate you to live a holy life!  I know that it helps me!

1) It grieves the Holy Spirit

2) It separates you from God

3) It puts you under the Wrath of God

4) It will end up sending you to Hell

5) It is a bad example to others

6) It will hurt your relationships with those who you’ve sinned against

7) You might lead others astray into sin by your bad influence

8) You could end up in jail

9) You could effect your job or even lose your job

10) It could cost you your marriage

11) It could cost you your family

12) It could cost you your ministry

13) It could cost you important possessions like your house or car

14) You could form bad habits/addictions that could take years to break

15) You could deceive yourself

16) You could end up a reprobate

17) You might end up believing in false doctrine to justify your sin

18) You might die in the middle of committing your sin

19) You’re not persevering until the end

20) It won’t be as pleasurable as you think it will be

21) The pleasure will be short-lived

22) You’ll feel condemnation afterwards and rightly so

23) You’ll have a guilty conscience after it’s all said and done

24) Do you really want to do this AGAIN

25) What happened to the last time you “repented”

26) You might get an STD/STI

27) You might get pregnant out of wedlock

28) And then you might have an abortion

29) People will find out

30) You won’t be able to hide it or cover it up…at least not forever

31) You’ll give yourself a bad reputation

32) You’re going against God’s Word

33) You’re despising Jesus’ sacrifice

34) You’re trampling His blood under foot

35) You’re abusing the Grace of God

36) How much money will it cost you

37) You’re going to end up going deeper and deeper into sin

38) You might be destroying your body – lungs, heart, brain, liver, kidneys

39) You might end up in the hospital

40) You might die because of your sin

41) You’re not fulfilling God’s will and purpose for your life

42) You’re obeying the enemy of your soul – he hates you

43) You’re ignoring the one who died for you and loves you

44) You’re bringing shame to your mother and father

45) You’re not caring for the person you’re sinning with

46) You’re not caring for the person you’re sinning against

47) Are you treating someone like an object to fulfill sinful desires?

48) You’re being selfish

49) There is a way out

50) There are other options

51) You don’t have to give in

52) It’s not too much to handle with God’s help

53) You could pray and cry out to God for help, instead

54) You could submit to God and resist the devil, instead

55) You could take that thought captive instead of dwelling on it

56) You could flee instead of staying

57) You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you

58) You could overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit

59) You could memorize and meditate on more Bible verses

60) You could call a Christian friend, confess your sins or temptation and get accountability from them

61) You could keep a tight rein on your tongue instead of speaking your mind

62) You could have a fullness of Joy in God’s presence instead of being depressed

63) It’s not about you, it’s about HIM

64) Those pills will never help you

65) That bottle will never help you

66) Is that high really that great?

67) Has sin ever done you any good?

68) What has happened to others who have gone down this road?

69) Do you want to be Jesus’ friend or enemy?

70) Do you really love God?

71) It’s a waste of time

72) What could you be doing instead?

73) Is this really what you want to become of your life?

74) Jesus died to deliver you from this

75) You’re hurting/offending God

76) You won’t sleep well tonight

77) You’re going to forfeit joy & peace

78) Grace won’t cover your unrepentant disobedience

79 You may not have another opportunity to repent of this

80) What you’re being tempted to do is NOT forgiven ahead of time

81) Once saved, always saved isn’t true!

82) Jesus is going to reward everyone according to their works

83) Why continue to live in defeat when you can be victorious in Jesus’ name?

84) God provides a way out every time

85) God is angry with the wicked every day

86) If you regard iniquity in your heart, the Lord won’t hear your prayers

87) Your life is a vapor

88) You can’t be a witness and a sinner at the same time

89) You’ll reap what you sow

90) You don’t fear God

91) You aren’t walking in wisdom

92) You aren’t trusting in God

93) Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord

94) Pride goes before destruction

95) God opposes the proud

96) You will not prosper in sin

97) You’re not fulfilling God’s purpose for your life

98) Have you done whatever it takes to get the sin out of your life?

99) You can’t judge others if you’re sinning

100) If you commit sin then you are a slave to sin

101) If you don’t forgive others God won’t forgive you

102) We must, through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God

103) You might get cut off by God

104) Love is supposed to be without hypocrisy

105) You’re not abhorring what is evil and clinging to what is good

106) If you don’t love Jesus then you’re accursed

107) You’re not walking in the full armor of God

108) Your sanctification is God’s will

109) The Lord knows those who are TRULY His

110) You’re denying God by your works

111) You’re taking God’s name in vain

112) Christians will have to separate from you if you keep it up

113) Jesus has been tempted and can help you overcome this

114) Your faith is dead if you’re sinning

115) Friendship and the world is enmity with God

116) God sees your sin – He isn’t “blinded” by the blood of Jesus

I suppose that I could go on and think of many more.  Yet, I think this will do for now.  The next time you come close to giving into temptation, I pray that you’ll think upon many of these things.  Some of these reasons may keep you from sinning against God and if so, PRAISE THE LORD!

This video may also be beneficial to you:


4 thoughts on “OVER 100 REASONS NOT TO SIN…EVER

  1. You are the true meaning of man of God, your preaching had positive influence on my life right now, I have been living wrong life thinking am ok with God until God brought you on my way, you are a powerful good shepherd who leads the sheep in a very good direction.
    I want to bless God for such a wonderful preaching you are sacrificing for people let us to live according to the spirit not the flesh, I believe God have a reward for you in paradise.
    Let God bless you and give you long life to see your great grand children in the name of Jesus.



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