10 Things A Consistent Calvinist Can NEVER Say – Refuting Calvinism | Kerrigan Skelly

Consistent Calvinism

In the last 8 years or so of dealing with Calvinists and Calvinism, I’ve found that many Calvinists are not very consistent with their theology.  Of course there are some who are consistent with their theology, but they are few and far between.  As I’ve debated with and attempted to reason with Calvinists, I’ve meditated upon things that they would say to me.  There are many things that they really shouldn’t say, if they were consistent were their theology.  Here’s a list of things that I don’t think a Consistent Calvinist should say:

1) “Jesus died for you” – They believe in the doctrine of “Limited/Definite Atonement” (the “L” of T.U.L.I.P.).  This means that they believe that Jesus ONLY died for the “elect” – those that God chose for salvation, before He even began to create the Universe. Calvinists will also say that they don’t know who the elect are.  If they don’t know who the elect are and Jesus only died for the elect, then they couldn’t possibly say this to ANYONE.

2) “God loves you” – Calvinists constantly cite Romans 9:13, in the hopes of proving “Unconditional Election” (the “U” of T.U.L.I.P.) – as I said above, this is the idea that God chose very few people for salvation and that He did this before He even began to create the Universe.  Of course they twist this verse and commit eisegesis, since they are looking at Romans 9 through their “Calvinist eye glasses”.  Yet, if the “U” of T.U.L.I.P. is correct and their interpretation of Romans 9:13 is correct, then there’s no possible way that they could say this to ANYONE.

3) “God wants you to be saved” or “God doesn’t want you to go to Hell” – see above points for reasons why they can’t say this, to ANYONE.

4) “I want you to be saved” – Why would they say this, if they’re not sure if God wants that person to be saved?  Don’t they want to be like their “god”?  If so, then they shouldn’t be saying this to ANYONE.  In fact, they should be willing to say that they WANT MOST people to be damned to Hell, since that’s what their “god” wants.

5) Praying – “God, please save this person” – See the last two points above, for reasons why they couldn’t pray this for ANYONE.

6) “God doesn’t want you to do that” or “God doesn’t want you to believe that” – Calvinists believe that God decrees/ordains/predestines all things, whatsoever comes to pass.  That means that EVERYTHING is “God’s will”, in some way or another.  Every porn film, every drunk driver, every satanist, every pedophile, the Pope, all of the ISIS attacks on people, every Arminian, every Pelagain, every murderer and rapist, every abortionist, every Roman Catholic, every Hindu, every divorce, every sex trafficker, etc., is all the will of the “god” of Calvinism.  The ironic philosophical issue that Calvinists need to deal with on this point, is did the “god” of Calvinism predestine them to say, “God doesn’t want you to do that” or “God doesn’t want you to believe that”?

7) “Hey brother in Christ” or “Hey sister in Christ” – Even if that “brother” or “sister” is exhibiting some kind of “fruit” of salvation, they may end up departing from the faith.  And when that happens, the Calvinist will say that such a person was NEVER saved to begin with – that they were just another “false convert”.  This is all due to the Calvinist believing in “Perseverance/Preservation of the Saints” – the belief that ALL true Christians will remain Christians, until the end.  Once again, they have no idea who the “elect” are, so they can never say for sure that anyone else is a “brother” or “sister”.

8) “I’m saved” – The same points from #7 would also apply to them.  For all they know, the “god” of Calvinism is just deceiving them into believing they are saved, when they really aren’t.  Of maybe their own hearts are deceiving them, since they believe that their own hearts “are deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.”  And since Calvinists sin everyday in thought, word and deed (<—that’s their confession about themselves), what fruit do they have that would ensure them that they truly are saved?

9) “I used to be on my way to Hell” – Now, even if we ASSUME that the person saying this IS a part of the “elect”, they still could never say this.  How could the “elect” ever be on their way to Hell?  They were chosen for salvation, before they even existed, before they ever sinned and even before Adam ever sinned, according to Calvinism.  No “elect Calvinist” could ever say this…EVEN IF they knew for sure, that they were a part of the “elect”.

10) “You weren’t born a homosexual” – They believe that everyone is “born a sinner”, because of Adam’s sin.  If that is true, then why can’t someone be “born a homosexual”?  I mean, if we are all “born sinners because of Adam’s sin” (no matter what theory of original sin that you hold to), then it is consistent to say that we could be “born liars”, “born thieves”, “born pedophiles” and “born homosexuals”.  Therefore, Calvinists can’t say this to ANY homosexual.

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list, by any means.  Yet, I truly think that a Consistent Calvinist can’t say any of these things.  Many of them still say at least one of the things from above, though.  Why is that?

My theory is that the conscience of many of them is still intact and working.  And because their conscience is still working, they are letting it drive what they are saying, instead of their horrible theological system.  That’s good news, to some degree.  Unfortunately, Calvinists often let their false doctrine drive what they say, think and believe.

For more on “Consistent Calvinism”, take a watch of my videos series on this topic:



7 thoughts on “10 Things A Consistent Calvinist Can NEVER Say – Refuting Calvinism | Kerrigan Skelly

    • No. An “Armenian” is someone who is from the country of Armenia. An “Arminian” is someone who basically follows the teachings of a guy named Arminius, who disagreed with some points of Calvinism. Arminianism is somewhat like Calvinism, so it is not the opposite of it. The opposite of Calvinism would be something like “Semi-Pelagianism” or “Pelagianism”. I don’t tag myself with any of those things. I just hold to the truth of Scripture and that truth just happens to be the opposite of Calvinism. Blessings…

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  1. What up kerrigan…. So for the past idk 6 months maybe more I’ve been exploring the world of Calvinism. So I must say that they have a few convincing positions. Specifically their exegesis of 2 pet 3:9 and when sermonize Roman 8-9 together. You should do a video on 2 pet 3:9 because I believe it strongly suggests the “none to perish” is not talking about everyone. Perhaps you can study it with your non reformed bias. And another thing I found in regards to this article you posted was that a Calvinist would say that saying God loves you or Jesus died for you is not the “Apostolic Proclamation” But anyway it has been very interesting learning about what they believe. I still can’t say though that I agree with their concept of original sin. Or their use of dead in Eph 2. And if original sin is false then the whole systems must collapse. But anyway I hope all is well I miss your Mathew series. You should do a new one maybe the book of Hebrews. Calvinists love that book. God Bless Brother.


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  3. Hi Kerrigan – I quickly skimmed you video on Rom 8:29-30 where Calvinists point to as a redemptive chain that can’t be broken. Each link of the chain must remain intact in order for salvation to be assured of and Calvinists claim that since these components are unbreakable and inextricably linked to one another, perseverance and salvation are therefore guaranteed. I don’t know whether you covered this in your video but in Gal 1:6, Paul marvels that some believers in Galatia were turning away from him who CALLED you – to a different gospel. Since being “called” is one of the supposedly unbreakable links in Rom 8:30, how is it possible that Paul witnesses the fact that some in the Galatian churches were turning to a different gospel despite being “called”? I think Paul’s testimony severs the Calvinists’ belief that their chain of logic cannot be broken. I prefer to believe Paul rather than the logical construct of Calvinism that just because one is called – one will be saved.

    The Calvinists’ notion that a person who has been reconciled to Christ will always persevere is further negated by Col 1:21-23. Our reconciliation in Christ (v.21) is conditional on “if” we continue in the faith (v.23). There is no assurance that those whom Christ has reconciled, will persevere in the faith as Calvinists ascribe to.

    Finally, Calvinist belief that those whom God chooses constitute the elect and the elect can never fall away is contradicted by Jesus’ own words in John 17. In this chapter Jesus refers to his disciples as being specifically chosen and given to him by the Father. Does this not describe election? V. 8 says they believed. V.12 says Jesus kept those who the Father gave to him except Judas the son of perdition. Judas was numbered amongst the disciples, he was entrusted with the money bag, he was given to Jesus by the Father as were the other disciples. Based on these facts can Calvinists still keep a straight face on and claim that Judas was never a part of the elect?


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